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Me, Myself and I

The Dark Side

Tough week
dead tired
It's been a tough week.

Work-wise it's been a very tiring week. My (only) colleague had to go cross an ocean to visit her mother (who turned a 100 years old last September) because she fell in a house (that she is sharing with one of her daughters) and broke her hip.

Thankfully, they managed to get her have surgery and she is doing really well at recovering. But still, my colleague was very worried and so she finally decided  to fly to the States to be with her two other sisters at their mother's bedside for a couple of weeks.

Of course, that meant that everything we were working on at the moment would fall down into my lap, as my plate was already full. And my boss was away all week for an important convention. (But still managed to get me mad at him on Friday). And the IT guy was still there working on whatever new things they are installing for the office supposedly to make our life easier (but then it means you have to learn a whole new way to work and that takes time and doesn't really makes your life easier in the short run, even if it finally does in the long one). And had me stay later because, hey, I was the only one with the key to close the office. (Alright, it actually only happened once but hey.)

So I'm dog tired.

So no movies or anything this weekend. There's nothing good on anyway. Plus, I really really REALLY want to draw, paint and lose myself in art. But I'm even way to tired for that. Maybe tomorrow.

Also really starting to make plans for my US trip. First one, buy the plane tickets. Gather every little scrap of money in order to do that and still be able to pay all the other bills and other things. Tickets will be expensive, apparently twice as much as the ones my colleague usually takes, because, flying from Geneva to NY and then from Boston to Geneva on the way back. In the Summer. She said, it would be cheaper to take flights from Geneva to NY and then NY - Geneva. But I dont' think I can do that. Or perhaps I should take a look and see how much it really is. ANyway, the other thing is that she usually flies in September so prices are lower at that time of year.

Anyway, still really looking forward my summer holidays.

Not really reading or watching anything at the moment (yay, how dull a life this is).

Oh look, I have a LJ!
Reading some of my old posts and gosh, I'm glad it's never gonna be published. Or I certainly hope so.

So what's new in my life?

Well, probably the best news is that I'm still alive. *chuckles* And life is actually pretty good to me. I guess I can satisfyingly say that I am content with my life at the moment. I'd even say "happy" but I don't want to tempt fate and jinx me.

The job goes really well - I guess it finally was a good decision to stick to it in spite of all the ranting and complaining I did in this same journal some years back when I started it.
The lesson today is that Time is the only thing that makes people like you and trust you and some need quite a handful of it while others might not need as much. Unfortunately, our Time is limited and sometimes we are "wasting" time getting to know people and learning to trust them or to love them, but I guess that's the human nature and how we are all working.

So what's new in my life since my last post? (Easter 2012)
Well, I went to London for my holidays and re-acquainted myself with an old friend. I painted my kitchen a bright and happy orange/red color, bought some new furniture (first time in my life) and really love my new buffet and my new table, bought a shiny smart phone and hired someone to help me with the housework. Ah I also had a 3% raise on my salary (not drastically changed my financial situation but is definitely motivating as to know my efforts are appreciated.)

So all and all, I'd say that my life improved a lot this year.

And then what are my plans for the future?
Well, on this I haven't changed and I'll answer : Holidays! *laughs* I'm currently (trying) to plan a voyage to the States, my first time over the pond and more than 1h30 in a plane. Destination: The big apple and then the east coast side, Boston, Maine, Acadia Park... This is gonna be a blast baby especially as it's involving Hobblings.

Other plans or wishes.
Learning to drive (although I have next to no hope to achieve this someday)
Travel more
Buy or rent a bigger place. (and alternatively paint it red ahha).
And last but not least, get myself one of these "boyfriends" units some girls appear to have found (although I'm still not sure where). That could be fun.

Easter 1Q12

Already one quarter of the year is gone or very nearly. And once again, these months passed in a blur.

Nothing major to tell so let's see what I read or saw in those four months. (If I can remember that far back).

Movies (rating: * bad **ok ***fun ****good *****loved it)
- Sherlock Holmes 2 ***
- The descendants **
- Tinker Tailor Sailor Spy ****
- Chronicle **
- Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2 ***
- Star Wars Episode 1 3D **** (although the 3D was worthless)
- John Carter *****
- The Artist *****
- Hunger Games *
- Wrath of the Titans ***
- My week with Marilyn ***

- Ironclad
- Prince of Persia
- Warrior's Way
- Age of the Dragons
- Jonah Hex
- Space Battleship Yamato
- The Town
- The International
- The Soloist
- Un divan à New York (A Couch in New York)
- Bleu
- Décalage Horaire (Jetlag)
- The Road
- A Single Man
- Despicable me

(There are probably more but I don't remember them now)

The Barbed Coil by J.V. Jones
This was a fun read and a pretty good ride. This is my first encounter with Jones. Made me want to try other books from that author.
Giant Thief by David Tallerman
That first book from that new author was also a fun read and enjoyable.
The Search by Nora Roberts
Honestly not her best one.
The Baker's Boy by J.V. Jones Book 1 of the Book of Words
I felt a bit bored at times with that book, I guess it's an excellent book if you're 14 or so but I was expecting something a little bit more from that story. I started Book 2 A Man Betrayed but I'm slacking behind.

So I decided to read the next Sanderson book waiting on my bedside table: The Way of Kings. (but given of the giant size of this one, it'll probably take me forever to finish these 1200+ pages)

TV Shows
- Brothers and Sisters Season 4
- Sherlock Season 2 Episode 3 (at long last)

Major events in my life
I had to buy a new television.
I bought my very first diamond and pearl hearings (for my sister's birthday gift, she's turning 18 in a week).
I shot with my dad's gun and I really liked it.
I nearly burned down my kitchen twice. Casualties: my Bodum tea Kettle. I didn't really like it anyway and I should try to find one in metal next time, although since I bought my new coffee machine, I didn't really need one anymore.
I met one of my neighbors who was nice enough to receipt a package for me while I was away.
We will have to move my mum’s grave as the ground she’s buried into is the city hall’s property. We decided to cremate her remains as her sisters are getting too old to come on her grave regularly anyway. We also decided it would be the best solution for everybody. We still have to discuss about what to do with her ashes, but we will probably pour them somewhere she liked.
The loss of about a year’s photos and other things because of the accidental fall of my external drive.

What to expect for the 2nd Quarter

At first one week in May. And two in August.
Nothing planned yet for the one in May but maybe a little time in either Normandy or South of England for August depending on my finances.

I'm also starting to think I seriously need to take a subscription in a fitness or something.

Ode to a new and an old year
Goodbye 2011, you've been a great year.

No really, you've brought me new friends, a great job I'm not too bad at, a nice load of money to store into my bank accounts so that I'm not fearing tomorrow all that much.
You've brought me fun and my first plane trip. I still can't believe I actually did this.
Yes, because of you, I can now look at the future without sadness or despair, I can have plans like normal people do and I can even begin to believe that something's out there for me too.
You also brought me lots of confusion and lots of unhappiness and tears and frustration but all in all, I'd say you have been good to me. You gave me hope.

So I thank you, you've been a friend and I'll miss you dearly and always look forward to you as a beginning, a true start.
May you stay in my heart always.

Hello 2012, I have great expectations for you, I hope you will be as good as your sister was, and even better. I know what people say, I know what they all think about you, but I believe in you. You know I do. Please be my friend too.

All the best for all of my friends around the world, may 2012 bring you all you are wishing for and a little bit more.

Tuesday 27 December 2011.

Last night I had a phone call from my brother, my uncle passed away on Christmas Eve. He had lung cancer, we knew it was hopeless for about half a year, but still, it was a tough and sad news to hear.

I wasn't much feeling in the mood for Christmas this year, but it was mostly because I ended up the year on my knees, so tired and sickly and Iron deprived. The last months were really tough. But about three days spent at my dad's (and some wonderful friends emails) slowly prepared me to feel more festive and happy.

Until last night. Oh well.

Not really wanted to post that on the board or FB, didn't really want to drown everyone's good mood.

"Glad to have you back"
It was what my boss told me last Monday when I left the office. Somehow, this little phrase just cheered me up to no end.

The job now is so much cooler that one of my boss is gone back to the states to start another office there and that I don't have all that data to enter everyday.
Now I do more research and instead of just entering the data when we receive to for others to process it, I, also have to process it and find out all the necessary info for the preparation of the reports. So I'm doing more interesting stuff now, it's a little bit difficult to start learning new things but it's also really motivating.
I also caught a bad cold, we've been having a pretty shitty weather, cold with rain (ah, nope, not my fault, I didn't bring it back from Amsterdam) and so, with all the tiredness and being upset, it finally caught up with me. But I'm taking medecine faithfully, so I hope it's not gonna last too long. Otherwise the mood is pretty good so that's good. :D
It's funny how I've noticed that when I get really really upset, my throat closes and I inevitably catch a pharyngitis. It's pretty much wonderful how the mind can influence on the body. heh.

AMSTERDAM - The Experience
dead tired
Ok, so I went to Amsterdam this week with a friend (who by the way is not a friend anymore - just so you know).

I still managed to have some fun on my own, visiting windmills, the zoo and Mme Tussaud on my "free" day.

All in all, I would say that it was an interesting experience on many levels.
First of all, and the saying is true, you only know someone when you start living with that person (yep, even for a day).
Second, the Dutch people are truly the nicest people in the world.
Thirdly, taking the plane for the first time wasn't as traumatizing as I thought it would be (yay) and... Oh well, surely plenty of other things.

I left on Tuesday morning for the airport and we arrived at about 3.30pm, the flight went well, in spite of my former friend telling all sorts of crashing plane stories. The crew was very kind with me after I let them know it was my first flight ever. Hurray KLM people. The plane looked all patched up with tape at some strategic places so it wasn't too reassuring to me but we managed to stay up in the air. We even arrived early.

The first thing we felt was the change of temperature. When we left Geneva, it was already hot even in the morning but when we arrived in Amsterdam; it felt like we could actually breathe so much the air was cooler. So we were so glad we decided to walk from the Station to our hotel, about half an hour away. Of course it took us more time so excited and amazed by the architecture of Amsterdam as we were, and my former friend was snapping like crazy Japanese.

Then we finally arrived at the hotel, we were at the Mercure hotel, and it really is a very nice hotel, I'm not sure if it's very expensive or not but I think not, that is if you like your comfort. (For a double room, for 3 nights, the price was 119€ per night).

At this point of the trip we were still friends and happy, and it's also happily that we left the hotel later in search of food. We were not very far from the RembrandtPlein and just strolled and landed there. It's actually a big square place bordered by restaurants all around it, we just had to pick the one we wanted. We chose Italian and had a pizza in a little pizzeria where the people were absolutely charming and the food absolutely superb (except for the desserts, all you ordered would end up just being a vanilla ice cream). By the time we had our orders, it had started to rain and get colder so we quickly retreated inside instead of the terrace.

Actually to this point, everything was still ok, I'm not exactly sure when the things really started to degenerate but here is what happened next.

She had booked the room, I don't usually mind sleeping in the same room as other people, and God knows Kep slept at my place more than once. No, although, I might have suggested we both had our own room, had I had a say in it. The thing is she is very fat and snores very very loudly. Actually I'm not even sure it's snoring at this point, but more like a wild animal grunts, I swear, I woke up with a start at about 1am, my heart pounding in my chest so much I was startled by the noises she was making. I never could sleep again until about 5am, and we had to get up at 7.30am to go to the museums.

As you can imagine, I was not at my best in the morning and of course telling her she snored all night didn't arrange things. And, since I knew that she would not believe me, I even made a movie during the night to have some solid evidence to defend my cause. I guess it was not a good idea after all because she took it even more badly.

Anyway we still went to the Riksmuseum and then the Van Gogh museum and then to the diamond museum, I personally didn't give a damn about these and only wanted to go to the Van Gogh museum myself but I felt I needed to play it safe and try to please her. It was still raining by the way and we were pretty much 'humid' by 1 or 2pm so we stopped at a restaurant to have some hot food inside us. Then she wanted to go see a church nearby so I meekly followed even though I had no interest whatsoever into it. And anyway we had already agreed we would not spend the second day together but would each do things that would only please us. I'm not exactly sure what we did after that, but I was happy because I had bought a plastic poncho so I wasn't drenched anymore. Ah yes, we actually went to the Red Light District in Nieuwmarkt because we were in the neighbourhood and it was on her list too. We also stopped to buy some postcards and later in a café (although not a coffee shop) to have something hot. I personally wasn't much interested by going to the red light district as I found the idea of whores in windows displaying their charms to the people in the street quite disturbing and unsettling, idea that she shared in the end as she almost fled the place with me still following.

I'm honestly not sure what to think of this district, but you don't feel what I thought I would feel from what people told me, I thought it would be a lively place filled with artists and musicians and marginal people, I also thought that the "whores" would be, not so immediately close but that they would be a sort of distance between the buildings and the people of the street, so I was not prepared to have half naked women posing behind their windows only mere centimetres from me.
And I don't if it was because of the rain we'd had but the streets looked dirty with piles of garbage just beside a canal that was menacing to overflow any minute with a brownish water not at all appetizing.

After that I let her lead the way and we got lost and by the time we were back at the hotel, it was late, I was tired and not wanting to go out again to eat anything. She suggested to me that I ask for another room, so I did so, and then she was mad at me for doing it. From this point, things looked irretrievable and I was tired trying to make efforts to please her, so I stopped and didn't care anymore.

The room I took was a little more expensive (139€) but gosh it was so much better. I had a bathtub in the bathroom and a giant bed for me along, I even had a tea kettle and everything to make me feel at home. I even had a robe and slippers to use as I pleased. I slept like a lord (or lady) that night and woke up bright and shining. I was ready to believe she also had a good night without me (she accused me of snoring too the morning before after I told her she did) and that she might be in a better disposition that day.

Well, she wasn't. She had locked herself in the room so I couldn't go back (I only took the other room for one night) and she snapped at me when I knocked asking her to open the door, and then she stormed out of the room.

Were these things had happened 20 years earlier, I would have been devastated and I would certainly have spent the day crying all the tears I could but thankfully I'm older and I know better. So I left my suitcase in the room and went to the reception. Today was my day and nothing would spoil it. I asked my way to go see the windmills and they advised me to go to a place called Zaanse Schans where you could visit not one but several windmills. They gave me all the right directions and were very helpful so I didn't get lost and had no trouble finding the place. I spent the whole morning there, visiting two windmills and climbing atop of one, seeing a movie on the building of the sawmill one (The young sheep) which was entirely rebuild in 2007 then also a cheese (or dairy) factory, going around the whole place and canals snapping at animals and vegetation until I was too exhausted to keep on walking.

And as it was already about 1pm I went into a local restaurant to have some of the Dutch speciality food. I couldn't tell you what the name was, but it was a sort of very creamy soup made with cheese made locally and some green things into it. (Not sure if it was chive or young leeks. But it was very good and amazingly only cost about 5€. I almost felt uncomfortable to take a dish so inexpensive so I had a coffee and a fruit juice too. But I swear I was full by the time I got out of that restaurant. One funny thing is that coffees or teas always come up with some kind of sweet or biscuit, Dutch people must have a sweet tooth.

An old couple sat on my left and they had giant sandwiches with the biggest slice of orange cheese I had ever seen and they were starting by a soup also. I wonder how people do to stay fit if they all eat that much. On my right there was a family, with a teenage boy, and the dad and boy ordered "croquettes", which I was told later, was the top one very Dutch food you can have in the Netherlands. It was served on a thick slice of brown bread and the boy spread it like if it was mere jam or butter. I also was told later that you should eat the "croquettes" with traditional mustard. It looked pretty good and intriguing. I promised myself I would try it if I got the chance.

Then I went back to Amsterdam, I needed to find a raincoat pretty much urgently because it had starting pouring and blowing a cold wind that froze me to the bones. I went to several shops but couldn't find what I wanted, (my poncho was all torn because of the wind and not very much useful anymore but still I used it to cover myself as much as I could) so I finally settled for going to the Mme Tussaud museum, it was on my list and I would at least be inside.

I'm very glad I did it, because even if I really didn't like at all the "introducing" parts which consisted into going through dark corridors filled with all scary things and actors screaming crazily at you when you would pass them by, people jumping and screaming because they were scared, and all kind of stuff like that, I mean, it was scary, or it could have been without all the tourists and the bad makeup and cheap effects.

Anyway, that part didn't last long and after climbing more stairs (gosh, I've climbed SO much stairs in Amsterdam and around! Maybe that's why they are so fit, they have all these stairs to climb all the time) I finally arrived at the top of the building with all the wax statues of the famous people. At first you have all the politics and important men and women of the world, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, the late pope Jean Paul II... The Queen of Netherlands and lots of others I actually didn't know or recognized, not that I was bothered anyway, so I quickly went to the next room. The interesting thing was a woman working on a Pierce Brosnan head and gosh, it looked like it was really him. I'm definitely amazed by wax statues and seeing all the famous people (or even strangers) was fascinating. I made lots of photos and I'm glad that they look all pretty good. But not as good as the real thing. I wonder what artists like Michelangelo or Leonardo would have said or thought of these statues. They are so realistic. I think you can guess I was impressed. It was the first time I got to see a Tussaud wax museum, I went to the Grevin museum in 89 and it was already a blast but nothing compared to Tussaud, and Grevin was more centred on French History if memory serves. I'm sure Keppet would have enjoyed it too.

It was still pouring by the time I got out; I did some other shops still in search of the magic jacket, merely wondering what to do next. I actually wanted to go the zoo, as it was closing later that day I still had enough time, but the idea of getting drenched wasn't very appealing. And then, the Gods were with me, because the last shop I went into had not only the loveliest rain jackets but also the cheapest I had seen until now (20€). Armed now with fitting equipment to face the blowing wind and the incessant pouring, I took the tram (another strike of luck, just the right one stopped at that moment) to the zoo and went down just in front of it.

Earlier I had wanted to take a boat that was promising a cruise on the canals and a stop at the zoo, but unfortunately it was not possible but the guy wanted me to buy him a ticket for the zoo in advance to avoid the waiting queues. I had declined then, not sure of what I would do then and if I would actually find my way to the zoo.

But because of the rain and the late hour (the zoo was closing in 45mn) there was not a soul in sight and no queues whatsoever. I took my ticket and started to stroll into the zoo, holding my camera ready for capturing all the fantastical animals I could glimpse or see.
I must say that I was very much amazed to see that the animals were not behind huge fences but quite free to go anywhere they wanted. And I'm not saying birds or small animals, but really wild animals too. I'm sure if the lions had bothered to go out in the rain they could have jumped the little wall of their park and walked freely among humans. It was especially striking with the monkeys island, right in the middle of the way not too far from the entrance, they were pretty much hiding from the rain but I wonder if they would have come near me if the weather had been good. There was a lot of things to see at the zoo, and it was a pity I couldn't stay longer, but I had to shorten my visit because my trousers were starting to be completely soaked (as well as feet, shoes and rain jacket and hat) and I wondered if my camera would bear receiving so much water any longer too.

So I went out of the mostly deserted zoo (rainy days have some advantages) and went back to the hotel where I changed into my pyjamas, turned the heaters and tried to dry my clothes as much as I could. It was 6.30pm. I thought maybe they would be dry enough to go out later and have dinner with my "friend" but she only turned up 2 hours later and didn't seem to be in a better mood. So I gave up the idea of eating and watched TV a bit, then I plugged earplugs (they gave me at the reception) into my ears and slept with earplugs for the first time in my life. They worked pretty well, I could still hear her but not as loud and it was un-noisy enough to get me asleep.

The next day, I got up at 7am and started to prepare myself, went down to have breakfast (they were expensive, around 18€ so I only had 2 during the stay, she had none because she thought it was too expensive) I was starving and I must say that the price was justified when you see all you could have. But then if you're not a big eater in the morning, I understand that it's silly to spend that much for a tea or a coffee and a croissant per say.

We left for the Station, took a train to the airport and did the luggage check in, then she went to the gate while I ran around to find a post office to post late cards, and then joined her at the gate. Actually, because of the storm the previous day, the plane was already full and we didn't have a seat in it, so we had to wait until everyone got into the plane to see if they were free seats to take that plane. She was not happy because she had to be back in the evening and was starting to panic at the thought of not being able to come back early enough. I told her that if I had a seat, I would give it to her so that she could go back and I would take the next one or ... the next one.
And that just what happened, they called my name to give me a seat, so I gave it to her and she left on time (about midday).

I ended up in a group of 10 persons and we were directed to the KLM waiting place until they figure out what to do with us. And we waited; I think maybe a good hour. An old lady was sitting beside me and we started chatting since she knew some English, she was Dutch and going to see her children and grandchildren who lived in Lausanne. Dutch people are really so open, there was another lady waiting with us and I could see she wanted to participate but I guess she didn't spoke English, so sometimes the lady that talked to me would talk to her in Dutch too. It helped spend the time and we were the two first lucky ones to receive our definite ticket plus all sorts of bonuses from KLM as apologies for the disturbance. They gave us a voucher of 10€ to go eat something in the airport (I had the croquettes!) and a telephone card with a 5mn international call, another voucher of 50€ to use on the next KLM ticket you buy, and cherry on the cake, 250€ in cash you could take right away at the ATM machine. That was worth the wait! :D I'm not at all familiar with aircrafts procedures and that kind of stuff but if you think they had to do that for each of us 10 persons, that's a lot of money going out for them!

The flight was great, I was seated on the exit door seat (aisle side this time) and I realised that there's a lot of people not very confident with the idea of flying. I still told the steward it was my first flight alone, I wasn't too scared but still a bit anguished, and a guy in the front row (looking a bit like Sidney Lumet) told me "Don't panic until they panic" in a very lovely and deep voice. Ah ah. But that was fine, the plane actually looked newer than the one we had on the way in, and it was actually very sunny and the weather was splendid. The sight on the Mont Blanc was breathtaking when we arrived in Geneva, I'm glad i could see that even though I couldn't take any photo then.

And voila, after taking the usual tram and bus, I was home for 6pm and happy to be. :D

And can you believe it, I sent her an email to tell her I was home safe and she didn't even bothered to answer! And she wiped out all the photos she did with my other camera I had lent her!

I honestly didn't think she was so rancorous and mean. So I suppose it's the end of our friendship (if ever it was ever real).

Ah I forgot to say, I started uploading the pictures on my Flickr gallery.

hear from me
 Oh my God.

S'been since Nov that I didn't post here?! gee. How time flies.

So, what's new in my life?

After several months of struggling (hard) with the new job and tormenting myself as if I should leave it or stay... after being so much stressed, you could hardly get any juice from me anymore, it seems I'm finally starting to see the end of the tunnel.

Of course life is made of doubts and uncertainties, but I'd say that the situation particularly got better in the last two months or so, jobwise, since it's seems that it's what occupies 80% of my life.

I have the feeling my bosses have finally started to trust and appreciate me which is a big step ahead. One of them is gonna open a new office in the States next week, taking about 70% of my work with him, had to put up a manual this week for training the new person he'll have to hire and update database as much as I could as today I'm actually in holidays for a week. I'm planning on going to Amsterdam with a friend, that'll be my first time flying too and first time in the Netherlands. Been looking up on Google view and gosh, Amsterdam looks gorgeous.
Anyway, that means that when I'll come back, I'm gonna be trained with all the other stuff at work. At least, I won't have time to be bored.
I finally went to the ophtalmologist (6 months to get an appointment, for 10 minutes! ah) and ordered new glasses (should have them today btw). Eyesight lowered a little, but "not much" or so they said. Good news. Since I didn't have my eyes checked in 7 years, not a bad thing.
Books, reread Ki and Vandien by Megan Lindolhm, always so good, before that, the Inheritance by Megan and Robin Hobb which was so good it should definitely be more expensive and just invested this week in the first Wild Cards book edited by George RR Martin. I started it yesterday and am already 45 page into it. I love the cover, and, not very surprising, Michael Komarck did it. ah.
That layout is absolutely horrible, I don't remember choosing it... 
Alright, time to get up and do things.

Money and Soul
 I have this song in my head right now, Money by Michael Jackson, and the words that turn around non stop are :

Anything, anything
Anything for money
Die for you, lie for you
Even sell my soul to the devil...

And it got me thinking, what's worth selling your soul to the devil, metaphorically speaking of course as the soul isn't some corporate thing you can actually sell, and even less to the 'devil' since no-one, well, it doesn't supposed to be existing. (I'm sure you'd still find people who swear they saw him so, better turn that phrase otherwise).

So, what would be worth selling your soul for? and would I do it? I guess I would personally. But what does it really mean? Is there still a sense in that saying? What would be 'selling your soul to the devil', where is the line? Is it another way to enslave our soul, another chain to break?

The reason why I'm thinking these thoughts is that I *might* get a job that is really really well paid, or should be anyway. But then again, lots of relativity in that parameter too, one thing is certain, is that IF I got this job (which is a good - normal job) I would certainly earn much more than in my previous one (or more than I'm currently making for that matter).

What I was mostly thinking was, how far would I go, what would I sacrifice for leaving a very comfortable life, or just comfortable. Is it selling your soul to want to buy a house, have a regular job that gives you enough money to be comfortable and do what you want when you want it? Money isn't everything and it surely never led me or motivate me before, but if I got this job, there's probably some sacrifices I would have to make. Although to tell you the truth, I'm not currently seeing which ones at the moment. Alright, maybe I won't have time to paint or draw or do anything artistic, but then I never really did when I had the time for it.

Well, I don't know the answer to that question, all I know is that this job is an opportunity for me, to have what I always wanted. So be damned if it's selling my soul to the devil. Who needs a soul anyway?

Me at the chocolate factory

How not to think about Charlie and Willy Wonka yesterday when some friends of mine invited me to go and visit a chocolate factory, hidden in a valley down in the heart of Switzerland? Clearly, I could not and only had a little fear about meeting a similar character when progressing into the entrails of the factory.

I have visited lots of factories, salted caramels and dairy products in Normandy, tooth paste one in Switzerland when I was little, I even worked into a famous swiss pencil trademark one, but never before I had visited a chocolate factory.

Actually when you get there, nothing can tell you that this big white building is in fact a factory that makes something that makes millions of people happy and relaxed all around the world.
It almost looks a lot like some sort of thermal building nested into the mountains and you don’t really expect or even imagine what’s it’s like inside.

Until you get into it.

First step you take through the glass doors drives you into the shop directly, with a big wall filled with chocolate tablettes (slabs?) and heaps of different sort of chocolates boxes, postcards, tee shirts, all the merchandise that tourists are so fond of.

Once you’ve paid the entrance fee of 10 swiss francs for an adult, you got entrance to a museum composed with posters and history facts and chocolate boxes or 'slabs' that the factory produced throughout the years, a cinema that offers two different short movies (that I haven't watched), a sort of live theatre with different panels that makes you live the adventure of chocolate and how it was introduced into Europe in a sort of 'haunted house' attraction way and a full visit that’ll take you down into the heart of the factory. There you’ll be able to touch cocoa seeds amongst other things and see how some of the factory’s specialties are made, with a little tasting of this specialty. Another turn will drive you into the real tasting room where all the different sorts of chocolates produced in the factory are exposed on big glassy plaques and you’re invited to taste each one of them by a very nice young hostess, that'll refill the plaques for you or the next visitors.



Then you’ll eventually end up into the café where you’ll be able to sit down and have an ice cream or some other sweet refreshments.

Of course, you won’t leave until you’ve spend some time on the giant cow skinned square cushions into the shop and before buying some of the products of the factory for your friends or yourself.


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